Gage Bilt GB756SH Split-Handle Rivet Gun

Part Number: GB756SH


Available: Call for Availability


The GB756SH is a pneudraulic split-handle installation tool designed specifically for the efficient installation of blind, lockbolt and MagnaGrip® fasteners thru 3/8″ diameter.  It offers a unique “split” system providing the operator with an ergonomic tool with a reduced hand held weight of only 4.3 lbs (1.95 kg) and can be operated in any position.  Use with 700500B Split-System Backpack (sold separately) to further increase user mobility, ergonomics and productivity.

Nose Assemblies that were designed for the model 353 installation tool mount directly on the GB756SH without the use of an adapter.
Nose Assemblies that were designed for the model 352 installation tool will attach to the GB756SH with the use of the 745751 nose assembly adapter.