Gage Bilt GB784 Rivet Gun

Part Number: GB784

The GB784 is a pneudraulic installation tool designed specifically for the efficient installation of 2000 series Cherrylock® rivets NAS1398, NAS1399, NAS1738 and NAS1739 double action blind fasteners.

Product Specifications
BrandGage Bilt
Power SourcePneudraulic
Form FactorPistol Grip
Pull Force (lbf)2,650
Stroke (in.)0.875
Weight (lb)8.00
Fastener TypeSizeNose AssyNose TypeAdapterAccessoriesNote
CherryLOCK Bulbed44C-681-25Straight
CherryLOCK Standard33U-681-25Straight
44U-681-25StraightAluminum, Universal
44C-681-25StraightAluminum, Countersink
55C-681-25StraightMonel, Countersink, Max Grip 9
55C-681-25StraightA286 CRES, Countersink, Max Grip 9
55U-681-25StraightA286 CRES, Universal, Max Grip 8
55U-681-25StraightMonel, Universal, Max Grip 8
55C-681-25StraightAluminum, Countersink, Max Grip 8
55U-681-25StraightAluminum, Universal, Max Grip 8
66U-681-25StraightAluminum, Universal, Max Grip 8
66C-681-25StraightAluminum, Countersink, Max Grip 8
66U-681-25StraightMonel, Universal, Max Grip 8
66C-681-25StraightMonel, Countersink, Max Grip 9
66U-681-25StraightA286 CRES, Universal, Max Grip 8
66C-681-25StraightA286 CRES, Countersink, Max Grip 9
88U-681-25StraightAluminum, Universal, Max Grip 8
88C-681-25StraightAluminum, Countersink, Max Grip 8
88U-681-25StraightMonel, Universal, Max Grip 8
88C-681-25StraightMonel, Countersink, Max Grip 9