UT8724T-20 1/4-20 Male Spindle, .46 HP, 20,000 RPM Angle Sander

Part Number: UT8724T-20


Available: 1

The NEW UT8724T-20, 20,000 RPM Angle Sander has the powerful .46 hp 8892 series motor package in it that is common with the UT8891 angle drillmotor and the UT8892 pistol drillmotor. Stall torque is twice that of the Dotco 12L1281-36. Backed by a full 1-year parts and workmanship warranty, this rear-exhaust tool has a noise level rating less than 78 dBa, weighs only 1.2 lbs., and has a ergonomic “soft touch” housing for thermal and vibration resistant protection for the operator. Special feature of the tool is a 1/4-20 male spindle that accepts female-threaded sanding pads, allowing the operator to get closer to the work, have more control, and a smooth and vibration reduced feathering throttle control for precise blending operations.
No shimming required in the angle head so maintenance is a breeze!