WD40-100-35C Winslow Nutplate #40 Drill-Countersink Cutter Carbide

Part Number: WD40-100-35C


Available: Call for Availability


Technical Specifications

Drill Diameter: #40
Countersink Angle: 100 degree
Drill Length: .420″
Max. Countersink Diameter: .1875″
OAL: 2.860″
Weight: .025 lbs


Manufactured to original Winslow drill specifications, these carbide, external thread, 60 degree cone seat, Winslow drill-countersinks are used in all Winslow, Omark, Deutsch APT, HS Tooling or Quackenbush nutplate drillmotors. Drills are sold and priced per each. Always replace both cutters when changing Winslow drill cutters.