New “Raptor” Series .4 hp Angle Sander

There is a new angle sander and die grinder series that has gone “back to the future”. The new Raptor Series angle sander and die grinders from Universal Tool  has refined and updated the design of the old Cyclone Series grinders/sanders formerly manufactured by IR®, so there is a tremendous amount of parts interchangeability. Yet, there are new upgrades for safety and durability such as the re-designed lock-off throttle and the brass throttle button and bushing assembly designed to guard against leaks around the throttle valve. Click here to view this tool on our website.

This powerful .4 HP tool uses precision Erickson-style collets found in the original Cyclone series grinders, but also used in Dotco®, Desoutter®, and other angle sanders on the market. The teasing throttle provides complete operator-responsive control of the tool spindle output rpm at any moment. Rpm options are 12K and 20K in the angle sander and 25K in the straight grinder. It also has the option of varying the exhaust from front to rear with a simple reversal of the flow ring behind the exhaust deflector.  raptor die grinder