9300 Short Offset L-Type Hi-lok Installation Attachment

Part Number: 9300


Available: Call for Availability


The 9300 modular and indexable offset L-type Hi-lok/Hi-Lite installation attachment is small and yet robust for installing hi-loks/hi-lites of diverse materials. This attachment will install hi-lok/hi-lite pin and collar combinations from 5/32″ through 1/4″, and accept a variety of extended sockets of various hex sizes. This attachment does not include the socket assembly! This modular, rotatable, and indexable flat L-type angle installation head can be adjusted and locked in 30 degree increments. Similar to Jiffy model 14426 installation attachment.

Technical Specifications

Max. Hi-lok/Hi-Lite Dia. Installed 1/4″
L-Type Flat Angle Head Thickness: .500″
L-Type Flat Angle Head Offset Length: 2.375″
Socket Center-to-Edge Distance .317″
Weight: 0.65 lbs. / .29 kg