HD5-9300-3435-785 500 RPM .46 hp Indexable Offset L-Type Modular Installation Tool

Part Number: HD5-9300-3435-785

The HD5-9300-3125-945 500 RPM .46 Hp. indexable  offset L-type Hi-lok/Hi-Lite installation tool is a small and quiet, yet extremely powerful tool for installing hi-loks/hi-lites of diverse materials. This tool will install hi-lok/hi-lite pin and collar combinations from 5/32″ through 1/4″! This tool has a 11/32″ x 1/2″ OAL extended socket assembly with a 5/64″ integral hex tip. This tool has the same motor package as the UT8892 pistol grip drillmotor, currently in use at various Lockheed-Martin, L-3, Honda, Triumph and Boeing production and sub-assembly facilities. Modular, rotatable, and indexable flat L-type angle installation head can be adjusted and locked in 30 degree increments. Accepts installation attachments from other manufacturers. Similar to model 14426 installation attachment from another manufacturer.

Technical Specifications

Max. Hi-lok/Hi-Lite Dia. Installed 1/4″
L-Type Flat Angle Head Thickness: .500″
L-Type Flat Angle Head Offset Length: 2.375″
Socket Center-to-Edge Distance .317″
RPM: 500
Weight: 2.0 lbs. / .9 kg
Tool Length: 8.25″ / 210 mm
Socket Hex Size: 11/32″
Extended Socket Length 1/2″
Hex Tip Diameter 5/64″
Motor hp. .46