ITCMK-1 Remote Head Blind Fastener Installation Kit

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This master kit, specifically designed for the Armed Forces, Airlines, FBO’s and Maintenance Centers, includes the Cherry G84-LS low-profile remote head, split-pot installation tool, nose assemblies, grip gages, and adapters to install the following fasteners:

  • -4/-5/-6 diameter “Max” style fasteners (HuckMax or Cherrymax) in all materials with straight, offset and right-angle noses.
  • -4/-5/-6 diameter NAS1919/1921 single-action Huck blind rivets in all materials.
  • -5/-6 diameter MS90353/90354 & MS21140/21141 single-action blind bolts in all materials.
  • 10′ remote head hose length allow for maximum clearance into difficult access areas.
  • This kit can be easily upgraded to install –4 through –8 diameter NAS/GP/LGP lockbolts as well!