ITPMPF Power Feed Manual Peck Drillmotor

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ITPMPF Power Feed Manual Peck Precision Drilling System!

Technical Specifications

Location Bushing Type: Standard 21000 series taper-lok bushing.
Chuck Capacity: 1/4″
Horsepower: 0.46
RPM Options: 500/1,000/2,400/3,300/4,500/6,000
Noise Level: Less than 79 dBA


Adjustable guide rods for different cutting tool lengths.
When the manual peck button is depressed, the cutting tool retracts and the hole is cleared of chips. When the button is released, the cutting tool returns and resumes the drilling operation.
Adjustable depth control with automatic retract.
Also available with Floating Spindle Adapter to increase drill bit and drill bushing life.
Larger tool available with longer stroke for drilling larger diameters and thicker material stack-ups.
Weighs only 5.5 lbs. light!