UT8897RS-1/4 .0005″ Adjustable Rivet Shaver with 1/4″ Skirt

Part Number: UT8897RS-1/4

Technical Specifications

RPM: 20,000
Cutter Microstop Adjustability: .0005″
Power: .9 hp
Weight: 2.25 lbs.
Length: 7.9″
Cutter Shaft Thread: 1/4″-28
Skirt ID: 1/4″


Seven available skirt sizes: 1/4″; 5/16″; 3/8″; 7/16″; 1/2″; 9/16″; 5/8″
Precision .0005″ cutter adjustability!
Uses standard 1/4″-28 threaded rivet shaver cutters.
Reverse-threaded skirts keeps vibration from affecting shaving depth repeatability.
Ported throttle valve results in excellent feathering characteristics and speed control!
Soft touch coating provides operator comfort.

See tool video below on how to set the UT8897RS-1/4 microstop shaver attachment: